Ramadhan 1435 - Year 2014

Announcements & Events

The Islamic Jaffaria Association wishes to inform the community that the 1st of Ramadan will be on Sunday June 29th, 2014.

To Sponsor an Iftaari please contact Br. Shahid Rizvi at (786)479-9369.

The Amaals of the holy nights can be found at http://www.duas.org/ramadhan.htm and http://mp3.duas.org/ramdhanspecial.htm

Important Dates of the Month:

Shab Date (English Date) – Event

  • 10th (July 7th) - Wafat of Sayyida Khadija (SA)
  • 15th (July 12th) - Wiladat of Imam Hassan (AS)
  • 19th (July 16th) - Shab-e-Zarbat of Imam Ali (AS)
  • 21st (July 18th) - Shahadat of Imam Ali (AS)
  • 23rd (July 20th) - Lailatul Qadr & Nuzool-e-Quran
  • 27th (July 25th) - Jumatul Wida

All dates are in the Ramadan Shab, please look at Calendar below. The 2014 Membership fees are DUE. Please see the treasurer, Br. Mohammad Iqbal, in regards to this.

Announcements and Updates

There is a “Leadership Conference” in Vancouver on August 29th, 2014. IJA will cover up to $350 per person from the age of 18-26. Please see anyone from the Board if interested. Results have to be shown after attending the conference.

Ramadhan Relief Fund – Cost $45 per basket to feed a family of four for a Month

Zainabia Child Sponsorship Scheme - Please see Br. Liaquat Ali for more information.

EID Toy Drive – The Muslim Women of South Florida Organization is holding a toy drive for EID – ul – FITR. Donate a NEW TOY (unwrapped) for ages 1-14, (minimum $10). Gift cards with receipt are also accepted, ideal for older kids. (TOYS R US OR BARNES & NOBLES). To donate please talk to Br. Jamil Rizvi, Br. Mohammad Iqbal, Br. Muhammed h. Hussain, or Br. Raza Rizvi. There will be collection boxes at IJA. The Dates are from June 29th, 2014 to July 20th, 2014.

All Programs in Ramadan* will start at Magrib Time with the following:

  • Salaat at Magrib Time
  • Iftaar
  • Dua-e-Iftitah
  • Short Quran Recitation
  • Lecture By Maulana Saheb

Our plan is to finish by 10:15pm every night. Please Cooperate with the IJA Management.Expect for Thursday Programs and Big Nights which will include Dua-e-Kumail, Surah Yaseen, English and Urdu Lecture.