Ramadhan Relief Fund

This past year has been a difficult one for so many men, women and children who struggle to cope with economic, health and social pressures.

Northeast Kenya is at risk of another drought because of insufficient rainfall this past year. Seniors in Bihar, India continue to live in abject poverty as they age. Families in the Gaza Strip are food insecure and desperately need rations. With the unemployment rate in Haiti at 40%, jobless community members live in fear and worry. Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines are still recovering from the disaster. These are just some of the countless examples of hardships people are facing around the world.

In the weeks before the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Muslims around the world wait in anticipation for the arrival of this very blessed month. This anticipation is more so among the destitute including orphans, widows, seniors, children and the disabled because they know that among other things, Ramadhan is the month of mercy, generosity and charity.

The World Federation is pleased to launch its annual Ramadhan Relief Fund which aims to ease the plight of thousands people who struggle daily in so many different ways. Our hope is to make others feel loved and cherished through our support this month so that they too can benefit from the countless blessings the month of Ramadhan has to offer.

This year, The World Federation is working in over 15 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Europe, Haiti, India, Iraq, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

With your help, we hope to provide various forms of aid such as food baskets, iftaar, sehri, debt relief, medical assistance and other essential items and services to make the month of Ramadhan a little easier for those who are counting on our help. For as little as £30 GBP / $45 USD-CAD, you can feed a family of four for one month.

Please contact Br. Mohammed Iqbal if you wish to sponsor a Food Basket at 786-554-2694.

Was Salam

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