Shabaan 1436

Salaam Alaikum,

The moon for the month of Shabaan is expected to be seen on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015, therefore the 1st of Shabaan is expected to be Wednesday, May 20th, 2015.

Important Dates of the Month:

· 3rd Sha (IJA doing on May 22nd) - Wiladat of Imam Hussain (AS) (Jashan)

· 4th Sha (IJA doing on May 22nd) - Wiladat of Hazrat Abbas (AS) (Jashan)

· 5th Sha (IJA doing on May 22nd) - Wiladat of Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (AS) (Jashan)

· 15th Sha (IJA doing on June 2nd) – Shab-e-Baraat & Wiladat of Imam Mehdi (AJF)

The 2015 Membership fees are DUE. Last day to pay is Dec 31, 2015. Please see the treasurer, Br. Mohammad Iqbal, in regards to this.

Announcements and Updates

GRAND Shabaan Jashan at IJA on Friday, May 22nd, 2015: IJA will be having a Shabaan Jashan on Friday, May 22nd, 2015. The program will start at 8:15pm and will be an extended program. Nauha & Manqabat Khuan Br. Rizwan Zaidi of Pakistan and local Miami reciters will be reciting.

IJA encourages everyone to sponsor programs, the cost will be under $200 for Thursday sponsorship’s (excluding big night Wiladat’s or Shahadat’s). $180 for Thursdays (60 people price) & $225 for small Wiladat’s / Shahadat’s (75 people price) The Ladies Committee Chairman, Br. Shahid H. Rizvi, will like to inform all the ladies that after the conclusion of the 4th Shabaan Program (Friday May 22nd) the committees will be formed. All the IJA Youth who are interested in speaking in Urdu or English during our events, we encourage them to participate. Please contact Br. Muhammed H. Hussain, who has been organizing the youths to speak at different events.

If interested in going to Ziaraat to Iraq this Ashura or Chehlum 2015, “Carvan-e-Sibtain Group” has packages. Ashura from $2,595.00 and Chehlum from $3,195.00. Please contact Br. Imran Jafri at 815-260-1214 (Chicago). You can also contact Br. Raza Rizvi, Br. Asim Mirza or Br. Ali Kazmi who have all gone with this group before.

All Thursday Programs will start at 8:15PM with the following:

  • 8:15PM Salaat
  • 8:45PM Dua-e-Kumail / Sura-e-Yaseen
  • 9:15PM English Lecture
  • 9:45PM Urdu Lecture
  • 10:15PM Niaz

We kindly request that members please attend on time to end the program on time at 10:15pm.