Salaam Alaikum,


The Shamji family has decided to sponsor two scholarships, for the betterment of youth education of our jamaat. The two scholarships are as follows:

1). Late Jafferali Shamji scholarship for $ 2500.00

2). Late Akberali Halani scholarship for $ 2500.00



1) These scholarships are only for the youth of IJA Miami & Dar e Panjatan jamaat of Florida.

2) Only those students can apply for the scholarship whose parents are current paid members of the said jamaats.

3) Parents who are not yet paid members of the said jamaats can still become paid members by contacting the respective officials of the jamaat for membership, so that their children can apply for the scholarship.

4) The scholarship is for the students who have passed grade 12th and are applying for college admission, or are already in college in 1st / 2nd/ 3rd or 4th year.

5)  The following are the three respected members of the selection committee, who will decide the final award of the scholarship to worthy students.

A). Dr. Afzal Khan

B). Sister Seyyida Jaffer.

C). Brother Shabbir Hussain.

The decision of the selection committee shall be final & binding for all applicants. The scholarship shall be awarded on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Ridha A. S. ON 11th of Zil Qadh 1437 (August 15, 2016). GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

Application Must be received by July 27, 2016.

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