The following math topics for the SAT preparation shall be covered:            04/10/2014

Number and Operations (20-25%)

  • Properties of Integers

  • Arithmetic word problems

  • Number lines

  • Square and square roots

  • Fractions and rational numbers

  • Elementary number theory

  • Ratios, proportions and percent

  • Sequences

  • Sets (union, intersection and elements)

  • Counting

  • Logical Reasoning

Algebra and Functions (35–40%)

  • Substitution and simplifying algebraic expressions

  • Properties of exponents

  • Algebraic word problems

  • Solutions of linear equations and inequalities

  • Systems of equations and inequalities

  • Quadratic equations

  • Rational and radical equations

  • Equations of lines

  • Absolute value

  • Direct and inverse variation

  • Concepts of algebraic functions

  • Newly defined symbols based on commonly used operations

Geometry and Measurement (35-40%)

  • Geometry notations

  • Points and lines

  • Angles in the plane

  • Triangles (equilateral, isosceles, right, 30/60/90 degree, 45/45/90 degree, 3/4/5, congruent, similar, inequality)

  • Quadrilaterals (parallelograms, rectangles, squares)

  • Areas and perimeters (squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms)

  • Other polygons (angles in a polygon, perimeter, area)

  • Circles (diameter, radius, arc, tangent, circumference, area)

  • Solid geometry (solid figures and volumes, surface areas)

  • Geometric perception

  • Coordinate Geometry (slopes, parallel and perpendicular lines, midpoint formula and distance formula)

  • Transformations

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (25-30%)

  • Data interpretation

  • Statistics (mean, median, mode, weighted average, Average of algebraic expressions and using averages to find missing numbers)

  • Elementary probability

  • Geometric probability



  1. The official SAT Study Guide with the DVD. Available from http://sat.collegeboard.org/practice

  2. Kaplan SAT Course Book. Available from www.amazon.com

More books are encouraged

For questions and reviews – mehdiashraf@msn.com


Salaam Ailakum,

IJA is offering 3 Annual Merit Scholarships (one for Elementary School, Middle School and High School). The deadline to be considered for the scholarships is: July 15, 2014. The scholarships will be awarded on Eid-e-Gahdeer 2014.

Also, SAT Training Program will be starting April 13, 2014 each Sunday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm after Madressah at IJA. We ask all those to attend who are interested in sharpening their Math Skills to achieve a great SAT score.

Please see below for more details


In order to encourage students to excel in their academics, IJA is pleased to announce two programs with immediate effect.

IJA Merit Scholarship Program 

 IJA is awarding 3 scholarships to 3 meritorious students – one each from high school, middle school and elementary school. There shall be a one-time cash award and a Certificate of Merit. All participants will 

also be honored with a Certificate of Participation. 

High School $ 500 

Middle School $ 300 

Elementary School $ 200 

 Criteria of Selection: The students shall be judged by panel of judges with the following criteria: 

(A) GPA at the end of the academic year 2013-14 (40%) 

(B) Extra-curriculum activities (15%) 

(C) Essay (40%) 

(D) Presentation of the documents ( 5%) 

(Please make sure that the presentation of the copies and the essay is very good. Copies of all documents must be submitted in triplicate - Include SAT scores, if any – it would help) 

Essay: The student shall write an essay in the category to which the student belongs to. The essay shall be neatly typed using MS Word in Calibri (11 font) justified paragraphs with 1.5 lines spacing. The name of the Participant, name of the father, school and grade attended in the academic year 2013-14 shall be in bold at the right top corner. The essay topics according to the categories are as follows: 

High School: (1500 words) – “In this modernized globalized trans-national world, where do you like to  see the Islamic civilization in the year 2064 A.D. and how?” 

Middle School: (700 words) – “Discuss about the 5 principles of Islam (Usul e Deen) and their significance and benefits in the lives of the Muslims” 

Elementary School: (300 words) – “What lesson do you learn from the Battle of Karbala?” 

Judges: The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. The panel of judges include: 

Maulana Jaffer Banglori, Resident Alim, IJA 

Brother Syed Jamil Rizvi, President, IJA 

Sister Irma Khoja, Board Member, IJA 

The awards shall be given Inshallah on Eid e Ghadeer 2014. The last date of submitting the entries is July 

Note: All documents must be mailed to IJA at 10554 N.W. 132 Street, Hialeah Gardens. FL 33018 and a copy to jamilhrizvi@gmail.com 

SAT Training Program 

IJA will begin conducting a 1hour long training program in the SAT Math on Sunday after the Madressa between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. The classes will begin from April 13th students are encouraged to attend the classes and sharpen the math skills to aim for a perfect score in 2014.

For further details, please contact Brother Muhammad Hussain, Board Member, IJA at (305) – 606 - 3808.